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Star Light car
Star Light car
Star Light car
Star Light car
Star Light car

    Star Light car

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      1.Breath model: Similar to the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat, it makes people relax very much, follow the breathing of light, slowly calm the restless heart.
      2.Flicker model: Like the drums of rock music, the very strong light rhythm makes people can't help shaking
      3.Voice Control model: The Coolest Voice Control Mode,lighting changes with the intensity of sound. It's like being in the world of sound and light.When you listen to a song, the light changes with sound
      * Material: Stainless Steel & plastic
      * Color: Red
      * Item Size:1.5 x 1.2 x 1.6 inches
      * Item Weight: 3.7 ounces
      Package include :
      1 x Car Star Light Atmosphere Projector Light.
      1 x Screw Driver.
      2 x Adhesive-sticker.
      1 x Remote Control
      1.You need to determine the appropriate installation location on your car (it is generally recommended to install it in the armrest box or the car center console, of course, you can also install it behind the seat).
      2. Tear the 3M adhesive and paste it into the bottom of the product.
      3. Fix the main unit (that is the laser launcher) in the position you wish to install, then adjust the angle of the light up and down until you find the right position.
      4. Plug the power cord into the car's USB port and it will automatically illuminate.
      5.very important - how to use the remote control: First you need to open the switch next to the remote control (is a smaller switch on the side of the controller ), only open it so that you can use the remote control to control the light. The light has three effects (Breath model, Flicker model, Voice Control model), you need to press the "mode" button to switch modes.
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